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Capel Lligwy

aka Hen Capel Lligwy (Old Lligwy Chapel)

nr Moelfre, Anglesey

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The building, now roofless, was originally built in the 12th century, but the upper parts of the walls were reconstructed in the 14th century. A small chapel, with a crypt underneath, was added in the 16th century.

Well after the Romans, and after the Viking raids stopped and the Normans gave up their attempt to hold Anglesey, it was ruled by Gruffudd ap Cynan who died in 1137, and his successor Owain Gwynedd who died in 1170, both of these built many churches. It is from this period that the Lower walls of this chapel date. The upper parts are from the 14th century and of a different building style. Later in the 16th century it was expanded by adding a chapel to the south, and this is over a crypt or vault. We don't know if this was a rebuild or a complete new addition. The steps that lead down to the underground room are rough stone steps that may suggest an earlier date.

An artist impression of how it may have looked with a cutaway section

Today it is without a roof and most of the detail has disappeared, we can see where a bell would have once hung above the north wall, and there are suggestions that the large stone in the nave may have been the base of a churchyard cross. The inside walls were originally whitewashed.

Its within an area that never appeared to have gained the status of a parish, so the reason for the chapel is unclear. There is no internal divisions in this church. It may have been a chapel used so people did not have so far to travel.

From the chapels location you have very good coastal views.

Bell cot on wall

Steps go down


Cross base, or small font

Location: Capel Lligwy, nr Moelfre, Anglesey

Grid Reference: SH499864 Ceremonial County: Anglesey

Map Link: Multimap

Aerial photo: Multimap

Getting there: At the roundabout where the A5108 to Moelfre joins the A5025, go round and slightly across into a narrow lane that takes you to Lligwy Bay, signposted to Din Lligwy.

Follow this winding lane pass the Lligwy Burial Chamber on your left, a little further, on the left you come to a parking area on the side of the road marked up Din Lligwy.

Access: Open site. On the footpath to Din Lligwy Hut Group. From the road go over the stile and down into the field following the path to Din Lligwy, you will see the remains of the Chapel to your right, follow the indicated path (a mown path through the field) diagonally across to it.
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Opening Times: Open all the time

Charges: Free

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