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Pink Footed Goose

Latin Name: Anser brachyrhynchus

A medium sized goose smaller than a Mute Swan but larger than a Mallard Duck.  It does not breed in Britain but large numbers around 240,000 individuals winter here from their breeding grounds in Iceland and Greenland. Arrival is marked with the characteristic V shape formation.


It is pinkish grey with a dark head and neck, and a short pink bill, feet and legs.


Animal Facts

In Britain: October-April

Life Span: Typically 8 years.

Statistics: Length 68cm, Weight 2.5kg and Wingspan 152cm

Habitat: Tundra lakes, rivers and wet meadows. In the UK can be found on large estuaries and surrounding farmland.

Food: Plant material including roots, tubers, shoots, leaves.

Breeding: Lays a clutch of 4-5 eggs which are incubated for around 26 days. Young fledge at between 50-60 days. Start breeding at age 3.

Conservation Status

Least Concern

Distribution: In Britain on large estuaries such as the East Scottish coast, The Wash, the Ribble and the Solway or surrounding farmland where they feed during the day. Around 18,000 visit Martin Mere WWT centre in Lancashire. You may also find them in smaller numbers in other places throughout the UK where there are lakes, reservoirs and large bodies of water as well as in some Wetland reserves where captive birds are held.

Behaviour: Skeins of geese fly in a characteristic V-shape formation. Nesting is often on cliffs close to glaciers, but also on islets in lakes.

Conservation Status: Worldwide least concern in the UK Amber Status - for an explanation click here.


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