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Alton Towers Resort

Alton, Staffordshire

Quick Guide
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Alton Towers Resort  includes several hotels a theme park, a water park, a golf club and more. Entry to separate parts are individually priced.

In 2008 they added  A brand new land called Mutiny Bay  with three family attractions You can  embark on a mission aboard the new Battle Galleons interactive water ride and prove yourself as a fully fledged pirate, set sail on a spinning sensation upon Marauder's Mayhem and prepare the crew for Heave Ho!

They have a very graphical website, but its very slow even with broadband, if the first pages take ages to load, stick with it they do come to life eventually. This is little information per page and loading all pages is slow, this makes it difficult to work out fully what is on offer.

If you have been why not produce a better location guide for us with photos, no one can work out if its worth going from either what we have her or their website.

Location: Alton Towers Resort, Alton, Staffordshire

Grid Reference: Ceremonial County:  Staffordshire

Map Link:

Aerial photo:

Getting there: From The south  M1 - Junction 23a or M6 - Junction 15

From the North M1 - Junction 24a or M6 - Junction 16

Website: www.altontowers.com.
Other Useful Websites: Alton Towers Resort on Tesco
Email: Can't find an email
Address: Alton Towers, Alton, Staffordshire
Postcode: ST10 4DB Telephone: 08705 20 40 60 (Note: 10 pence per minute on the BT network, maybe a lot more on others).
Opening Times: Check the calendar and opening times on their website.

Charges: Buy in Full with Tesco vouchers

See the price list page, there are a large number of prices as individual parts have separate prices, also prices vary by date.

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Theme park Download the park map now     Download the park map (reverse side) now 

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Date Updated: 07/2008

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