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Alum Bay

Isle of Wight, Hampshire

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The cliffs here are made of at least 21 multi-coloured sand which range from deep reds and browns to bright yellows and oranges.

From the bay you can also get some great views of the Needles. Being here at the end of the day can command some great sunsets which enhance the colours of the rock and the sunsets in winter can give some good silhouettes of the Needles.

Alum Bay dates from the 1562 and the variegated cliffs and colourful sands are a natural phenomenon on the West Coast of the Isle of Wight. You can get down to the bay either via the Needles Chairlift or out of season down a set of steps. It provides views of the Chalk Cliffs which extends out to the Needles and the Needles Lighthouse.

From the top of the cliftop you can walk out to the end of the promontory, or in summer take a short bus ride. From here you can access the Needles Old and New Battery's as well as giving views of the lighthouse. Boat trips from the bay can also get you close up to the Needles Lighthouse.

Visiting Alum Bay by car, you can drive directly to the Needles Attraction and park on the cliff top. There are toilets, and in the summer, cafes, tourist shops and other tourist attractions. During the winter the chair-lift is not operational and access to the beach is via steps or a dirt track from the cliff top.

The Sand Shop within the Needles Attraction can have up to 21 different coloured sands available daily, all natural colours from the sands in Alum Bay.

Steps down to the beach at Alum Bay


Alum Chine from the coastal path to the Needles


The coloured cliffs at Alum Bay with the Needles Chairlift

Location: Alum Bay,  Isle of Wight

Grid Reference: SZ305852 Ceremonial County: Hampshire

Map Link: Google Map 

Aerial photo: Google Aerial Photo

Getting there: From Newport take the A3054 to Totland and then the B3322 to Alum Bay following the tourist signs to the Needles Pleasure Park

Access: From the cliff top there is a chairlift in the summer months that takes you down onto the beach below.
Website: The Needles Chairlift

Other Useful Websites: www.soton.ac.uk/~imw/Alum-Bay.htm   Wiki 
The Needles Battery   Alum Bay Fossils

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Charges: No admission charge to the beach. Charges only apply when you use the various attractions within the Needles Pleasure Park. A return chairlift ride costs 4.

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Notes: Dogs allowed onto beach.




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