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Kersey Village Ford

Kersey, Suffolk

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Kersey is a picturesque village in the heart of Suffolk with old buildings dating from all periods. It is not far from the area known as Constable Country, so named after the famous painter John Constable of 'Haywain' fame.

The Ford or 'splash' as it's known locally, is in the centre of the village and is where the River Brett passes through the village. The village dates back to medieval times and 'The Street', the name of the main road through the village is a lot wider than the roads you use to get into the village. For vehicles it is necessary to drive through the Ford, but I would imagine it does not get very deep at any point throughout the year. However for pedestrians there is a small bridge to allow them to cross.

As you approach the village you will see the 14th century parish church tower at the top of the hill. When you turn down the road into the village centre, down Church Hill, you pass the pretty church and drive down between two rows of old style houses and buildings. Many of the buildings being from Elizabethan times. There is no parking restrictions on this road, and is a good place to park if you want to leave your car out of the photograph.

There are black and white buildings, thatched buildings and The Bell Inn pub. There are two notable buildings in the village. There is a building half way down the hill on the left hand side which has a plaque on it, it is the village Reading Room and had been donated to the village for the good of the community. The building closest to the Ford that the stream runs alongside, which appears to be currently empty, has visible signs that it might once have had a waterwheel attached, and it makes an interesting backdrop to the Ford pictures. It is also possible to get pictures of the Ford with the church in the background.

Kersey is famous for its cloth which was used for garments made for the yeomen, tradesmen and later army uniforms. Up until the 19th century it was still being exported from here. Some of the buildings have large windows on the first floor, which allowed as much light as possible to enter the building for the weaver.

Just outside the village there are the remains of a Priory, which is also worth a visit if you are in the area on a day it is open.

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Location: Kersey Village Ford, The Street, Kersey, Suffolk

Grid Reference: TM000440 Ceremonial County: Suffolk

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Aerial photo: Multimap Aerial

Getting there: From the A1071 take the A1141 for Kersey as you approach Kersey you will see the church ahead of you at the next road junction take a right and travel down the hill into the centre of the village, you will see the ford across the road ahead of you.

Access: In the centre of the village
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Notes: There is no restricted parking in the village.






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