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Project:- Making 3D Anagraph or Anachrome Glasses

Anachrome is also known as Anagraph

The majority of 3D content on the internet requires a set of special glasses, without these you cannot see the 3D effect and images appear to have coloured halos on many items.

Using Anachrome glasses you can see a 3D image, these glasses have two coloured lenses. 

Anagraph Glasses are available in many formats, plastic holders, clip on for glasses
and many types of card mount.

Although the combination of colours can, in theory vary, in practice most of the content is in the same colour combination of red on the left eye and cyan (blue/green) on the right.

You can get several sets of these when you hire a 3D video, and don't have to give them back, some computer games have them included and you can purchase glasses from Amazon or on eBay. See our articles, Buying on eBay and Sniping and Multiple Bids.

However you may wish to make your own in which case you can use the method below:-

  1. Start with an old pair of sunglasses or spectacles and push out the lenses, you may have to loosen a small screw first with specs.

  2. Use the lenses to draw around on some fairly thick plastic, like that which comes now on a lot of packaging. Colour in the shapes using permanent markers of about the right colour, its easier to do this before you cut the shapes out. Allow to dry completely.

  3. Cut just inside the lines to give lenses the same size as the ones you removed.

  4. Stick the lenses into the frames. The red lens is for the left eye.

  5. Check that there is nothing sticking out, sharp edges or any other part that will hurt you.

  6. Try them out with a variety of 3D content.

If you are doing this with a group of people, such as a youth group or school it may be simpler to use heavy card to start and create a shape with cut-outs for the eyes, allowing for the nose, and pieces to go over the ears. Once you have this right you can create a template that people can use to mark out their own set. 

I have also seen sweet wrappers of the right colour used for lenses instead of colouring plastic. I haven't investigated this too closely as I would just have to eat all those sweets to try it out.

See Also our 3D Section for more articles and projects on this topic.


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