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The Law in the UK and KAP

KAP stands for Kite Aerial Photography. It involves hanging camera on a special cradle or harness from a kite and using this to get at low cost aerial photography. This can be anything from 10 feet off the ground up to nearly 200 feet nearly anywhere, needs  permission with up to around 2,000ft. Only tethered balloons and helicopters compete with what can be obtained but is dependent on the wind being suitable to fly. Using a variety of kites, quite a range of wind conditions can be handled.

So what is the legal position on this in the UK.

You can fly up to 60 metres above the ground  (196ft) without permission and above this with permission of the CAA, which when granted is usually for a period of 6 months for the location, but you need to apply 28 days before. Maybe restricted to half this height on approaches or near airports.

There is no restriction on photography from a kite, from a model plane you have to have permission from the CAA, if the plane weighs over 7kgs and you are doing it for reward.

There are defined radio frequencies that are exempt from controls and can be used.

Generally, in theory you need permission from the owner of land that you want to fly a kite from, but this is really no different to any  person with a kite, and most just fly them where they like and particularly from beaches, resort areas and recreation areas without objection from anyone. It is not a good idea to fly them over car parks, as when the kite comes down, even if it causes no damage car owners can get annoyed and break up the kite. You also need to make sure you donít hit someone with a kite, particularly sports variety that can go at a considerable speed.

More legal detailed guidance at http://www.zenonic.demon.co.uk/kapstuff/KAPUKLaw.html

Disclaimer: We are not lawyers and therefore this article has been put together based on our understanding for looking at the various sources available and what we have read elsewhere, and talking to many people. Within this article there are links to various other websites that may be able to give you more help or at least allow you to work out whether you need more advice.


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