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The Conversion Short

When Photographers Resource started it was the newsletter of Camera Images. Later it split away to become a separate operation.

Camera Images was the main training provider for advanced users and professionals using Nikon cameras.

With the recession the cost of selling courses exceeded the revenue they produced so Camera Images decided not to take on new clients, but to still provide training to it's existing customer base.

The courses mentioned in the articles below are no longer available unless you are an existing client of Camera Images.

Shorts, as you will be aware, are 3 hour courses. You can take 1, 2 or 3 of these in a day.  The conversion short is for the person who has already done a HNK, the Hands on a Nikon day course, mastered one camera and now wants to change to a different Nikon DSLR Model.

The conversion course does not duplicate the ground covered on the HNK, but concentrates on the new camera model, starting by running around the controls and then looking through the menus, and looking in more detail at new features that is on the new model. You also get to look at what you can now do or what you can do differently with the new model.  There is time to answer questions that you have.

You may find putting a refresher short in front of this is good idea if you feel you could do with going over the basics and photography general skills again. The other option is to add a practical session after it, perhaps taking it out to a local park, then doing some indoor photography with it, and then looking over the results. This would allow you not only make sure that you fully understand how to use the new features but the opportunity to ask more questions and sort out any concerns that you have.

Course codes for these are

  • Conversion short  CIS-GMC-CC

  • Refresher short CIS-EPS-RF

  • Practical short  CIS-EPS-ps

See the shorts section under training to get more details on these and other shorts.


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