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Introduction to Filter section



Filters - What you need - this article, looking at what you put on your shopping list.

Filters for digital photography - generalised introduction to filters.


Filters for coastal photography - introduction, gives some filters that would be useful in a specific case.

Protection filters - filters on lenses to keep the lenses clean.

Neutral Density and Graduated

Filters-ND graduated filters   - the most essential filters, looking at hard, soft, reverse, strengths and how to decide what to use, setting exposure and more.

Graduated filters    - coloured graduated filters allowing images to be improved.

ND filters  - used to allow longer exposures, having a range of uses.


Polarisers -  the most commonly used of all special filters beyond the protection filters.

Special Effects

Effect filters   - special effects like stars, soft effects , netting and more.

Sunset Filters

Monochrome Effect Filters 

Accessories and Holders

Filter holders - the sizes, types and arrangements, which one is best for your lenses.

Stepping rings  - allowing a holder, adaptor or other filters to be used across a range of lens sizes.

Other methods with similar results

Double and multiple exposure  -  used with filters or with card to give similar effects to using some filters.

Filters - Other solutions - other ways to get similar effects, without using filters, and differences.


Further information page   complete with links to other articles, filter manufacturers etc.


Exposure Control and Graduated Filters - Camera Images ‘Short’ 3 hour course that can be taken on its own or combined with others on , and we have also covered a little on this. In under half the time, the same ground cannot be covered as in the Masterclass but the basics and areas that are either of most interest or most relevant to your photographic interests can be covered. 

Exposure Masterclass run by Photography Skills. The object is to be able to manage exposure in just about any situation, coping with challenging situations and extremes, as well as being in creative control at all times. This, like several others, may at first seam like a simple subject but is an interesting and exciting range of knowledge and skills that allows you not only to get the right exposure in more situations but to understand why problems arise and how to overcome them. You take away with you both the understanding and skills as well as an exposure aid that is exclusively produced for clients of Camera  Images and Photography Skills.

Black & White Masterclass. Dual tone, sepia and  Black & White photography is popular at the moment and more people wanting to both understand it and get to grips with producing stunning and memorable results.  The Photography Skills Masterclass on Black & White Photography covers this in detail, covering filters and when they are used, in camera and editing methods to get good results.


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