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Nikon UK Flash Prices Across UK Suppliers

as at 16th February 2009

The following is a guide to prices of Nikon original flash systems from some UK suppliers. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but what we have tried to do here is to show the sorts of prices that you can get the flash systems for within the UK.

The Nikon column shows Nikons Recommended Retail Price (RRP) of the flash as it appeared in their price list dated January 2009, and is being shown so that you can see the sorts of deals you can get from the various suppliers.

The prices highlighted yellow show the cheapest price for that particular flash unit as at the time this list was put together where more than two suppliers listed it.

For details and comparisons between the different Nikon flash models see Nikon Flash Units . Take this link to also get an Understanding Flash Guide Numbers

Disclaimer:  Prices were extracted off the suppliers websites on 16th February 2009, prices will/may change over time and we will try to update them from time to time.

Codes for this page: NOL = Not On Nikon Price List, N/A = Not listed with this supplier.

WHE = Warehouse Express, SPG = Speedgraphic, PKC = Park Cameras,
JSP = Jessops, GOW = Grays of Westminster, MFS = Mifsuds

Nikon Flash System








SB-R200 191.99 159.00 179.50 159.99 192.00 165.00 169.00
SB-400 149.99 129.00 n/a 109.99 120.00 129.00 129.00
SB-600 249.99 199.00 214.95 209.99 225.10 209.00 199.00
SB-800 NOL n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
SB-900  349.99 319.00 299.95 299.99 349.00 299.00 319.00
SU-800 Commander 303.99 n/a 259.00 303.99 n/a 249.00 303.99
SB-R1 Kit 427.99 n/a 385.00 339.99 n/a 395.00 359.00
R1C1 Kit 619.99 n/a 557.00 539.99 n/a 539.00 529.00

Codes for this page NOL = Not On Nikon Price List, n/a = Not listed with this supplier.

WHE = Warehouse Express, SPG = Speedgraphic, PKC = Park Cameras, 
JSP = Jessops, GOW = Grays of Westminster, MFS = Mifsuds

If you are aware of any UK dealers, mail order or otherwise, that offer better prices then please let us know. We hope at some point to do a study showing prices across countries.

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as at 16th February 2009


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