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Sightseeing and Travelling Around the UK for Overseas Visitors

Overseas Visitors coming to the UK can take up the same opportunities as us for visiting our attractions and travelling around our glorious countries. However there are also some offers specifically for them and not available to UK residents, here we are going to take a look at some of them but also give you links to some other pages within our site that can help you identify other discounts and offers that may be available to you.

The main tourist site for visitors to come to Britain and probably the most obvious that they will come across on a search engine when they put 'Visit Britain' into the search engine will be

  • Visit Britain - here you can select the country you are coming from and get to tourist information you need to plan your trip, from ways of travelling around, through accommodation and attractions to visit and more.

There are also websites specific to England,  Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. There are also many regional websites to.

Travelling around the UK

To find out some methods of cutting the cost of travelling around the UK using our railway and bus networks see out article Ways to Cut the Cost of Rail Travel . However below we take a look at some of the offers that are not available to UK residents and only available to visitors from other countries.

There are special offers available both on our Rail network and from National Express Coaches our country wide coach facility to allow you to get discount travel such as:-

  • National Express Brit Explorer  allows visitors to the UK to travel anywhere in England, Wales and Scotland using National Coaches from London's Victoria Station. There are 3 passes available for 7 days, 14 days and 28 day durations. Visit this link to find out more and get your copy.
  • Britrail GB flexi Pass and others offers unlimited travel on any scheduled train over the whole of England, Scotland and Wales for a certain number of days within a one month period. You can travel between any town or city on the British Rail Network including airport transfers. They allow you to travel by train and let you either plan ahead or decide day by day where you want to go. It is available for 2, 4, 8 and 15 days of unlimited travel in a one month period of validity, starting the first time you use the card. You can book the days you want to travel on in advance at any UK train station, or you can simply turn up on the days you want to travel and activate your pass for that day at the station ticket office. For more details see their website at www.britrail.com.

Visiting Attractions

There are also cost effective ways of visiting attractions from discount vouchers to individual attractions which can be found on leaflets, brochures or on offer from some hotels etc. But there are also specific passes/cards available that allow you to get discounts or free entry to them. These include:

Great British Heritage Pass

For any of you garden lovers or those planning a history or heritage themed trip around Britain, buying this pass gives you free entry into over 580 castles, gardens and stately homes across the length and breadth of Britain. A comment I came across from someone who had used the card on a visit here was:

"The British Heritage Pass is good at over 600 attractions in Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Some the UK’s most famous are included: Stonehenge, Edinburgh Castle, Palace at Holyroodhouse and Tower Bridge. In addition to free admission to all of the participating attractions, you will receive free of charge a very nice guide book that gives a short description of each property plus a handy dandy map. A note about this map, it is not suitable for driving. Use it only to help you have a general understanding of the locations of things so that you can plan your days based on general location groupings. We made the mistake of thinking the map would be useful in getting around and we found that the numbered circle to indicate the location of something was where that place was NOT! We found ourselves more than once lost because we were looking for the location of the “circle” and it not being there."

To Find out more and how to get hold of one for your visit to the UK see www.gbheritagepass.com.

When you get here there are also other options to buy passes for specific offers, deals and attractions such as:

  • The London Pass - buying one of these will give you free entry to over 56 London attractions including Tower of London, St Paul's Cathedral, Windsor Castle, HMS Belfast and Kensington Palace, also gives you access to free guided walking tours and a free 160 page guide book with information on attractions, maps, travel and places to eat. See our  article The London Pass
  • The 4 Palace Visitor pass gives one admission to each of the Tower of London, Hampton Court Palace and Gardens, Kensington Palace and Banqueting House, Whitehall - covering 900 years of royal history. See this link to find a more.
  • There is also a website featuring European City Cards, www.europeancitycards.com which will take you to links to travel passes/cards available for other European Cities including London-England, Edinburgh-Scotland and Dublin-Ireland.

You will also find more details and links on the types of attraction offers available from here, in our article Cutting the Cost of Getting Your Photographs and those specific to visiting London can be at London Tourism .

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