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Goggle maps UK and the world, including directions

StreetMap UK coverage at 4x zoom displays 1:50,000 Ordnance Survey Map. Can use postcode, street, place or Grid References to locate a position.

Ordnance Survey   Get a map  

Wheres the path, variety of map and aerial views or two views linked at once.

UK Grid Reference Finder also shows a maps and aerial views from many starting points including a grid reference.

Bing Maps


GB Street maps and many other choices

via Mitchelin maps, driving instructions, hotels and restaurants

Sustrans cycle routes, download map of all, interactive mapping etc

Old maps grab one before you travel back in time, many are online

British Library map collections

National Statistics maps  population, government regions, special statistical and other special interest maps

Magic Maps an interactive map service bringing environmental information from across government, a lot of overlay on large scale but slow.

Open Street Map Free Wiki World Map where you can view, edit and use geographical data anywhere on Earth.

If the place you are interested in is covered on Wikipedia, then click on the latitude and longitude coordinates on the right of the page, just below the place title, to see the GeoHack page with very many direct mapping links.

See also on this site

Tourism and Local Information

National Grid is a page looking at how to convert the Ordnance Survey grid references into other coordinates, and use them to access the same locations in other mapping and aerial photography sites like Google Maps. You can also convert it to a postcode. You may also find this useful if you want to use a Satnav to get you near to the location using the postcode or exactly there using the latitude and longitude. This page also has links to gazetteers, and some other information that may make finding places easier. It also explains a little about the mapping system and maps available.

How to Find Locations Looks at how you can go about finding a particular location from a photograph or for some other reason, using some of the sources listed above.


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