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Bookmarking and Social Bookmarking

Your browser will have a way of allowing you to record bookmarks, or favourites. In addition, if you use a Google toolbar, this has both bookmarks and the possibility of adding buttons.

On the top right of our pages we have a button marked 'bookmark'  that when you put your mouse over it allows a number of bookmarking and social bookmarking options, as well as the ability to send a quick email to someone pointing out the page. It also has a 'more' option that offers even more. Clicking the button also goes directly to the more option. The page that is bookmarked or sent to others is not the frame set that you normally see but just the section without the contents and banner frames. All the buttons on the top left allow you to return from these bookmarked separate pages to the system as you normally see it, with its top banner and contents frames as well. If you send a link in a quick email from this button, you can add a note as well. You have to provide both your sending email and the email its going to, but we never see these, and they are not recorded on our system.

Social bookmarking

Social networking websites allow people to chat, share images, and a lot of different interactions. However here we are looking at only one aspect, the recording and sharing of links to website pages, which we call social bookmarking.

Some sites allow you to store, tag and share links across the Internet. You can share these links with friends and people with similar interests. You can also access your links from any computer you happen to be using. So, if you come across a page that you find interesting and want to save it for future reference or share it with other people, you simply click on one of these links to add to your list.

All of these sites are free to use, but do require you to register. Once you have registered you can begin bookmarking.

Some websites allow you to bookmark every page, some sections and some just the overall website.

Lets look at some:-

Each of the Social Networking sites work slightly differently, we have some links below to some of the more popular sites, that will allow you find out which service best suits your needs. You can get to others from our bookmark button on the top of the page and each of these sites, if you are not a member, provides links for you to find out more.

A selection of popular bookmaking site:-






Finding out More

Clicking on our 'Bookmark' button, top right of this page, and then on the different bookmaking choices will allow you to go to their websites to see more, each has links for non members allowing you to see what is offered.

You can find out more about social bookmarking on Wikipedia.

List on Wikipedia of all (or most) social networking sites as well as other networking opportunities.

A Cautionary Note: The popular social networking sites are trustworthy and completely free, but as anyone can start one of these site, treat any that you come across but have not heard of before with some care. You can find the software on the internet already written to allow you or anyone else to run one of these. Generally they don't need much information on you, but if their registration procedure asks for information beyond what you would wish to publish openly then question if you should be providing this information to a stranger. We don't recommend any particular one, so proceed with care.

Our application of bookmarking and social bookmarking links

On the top of all our pages we have a bookmark button that looks and acts like . This allows you to bookmark the page, email a link to someone, or enter the page into just about all the social bookmaking sites you are likely to come across. There may be others. This is a service we use we don't have the ability to add others to the 'more' page.

This button and its links bookmark the current page you are on, without the frame, banner and contents sections of the normal page you see. The buttons on the top left allow you to get back into the full system with the frame and all sections showing.

On our section pages you also have a set of links that look like:-

Section Bookmarks:-

Bookmark and Share | facebook | delicious | digg | reddit | stumbleupon

These work similar to the top button, and the first button is very similar in design and use to the button at the top, with a large number of choices, however these buttons on the section page, record not the individual page link but the section as you see it, complete with frame, banner at the top and contents panel down the side. The buttons above also do the same, opening the system with the newsletter showing.


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