Friday 4th April 2008

A Bluebell Wood in the Forest of Dean

Image taken with Nikon D100, 24-85mm lens at 38mm ISO 800, 1/250 F8, -0.7EV,
White Balance PRE

This week we are taking a look at Bluebells, how to photograph them and where you can find them.

  • The article where to photograph Bluebells, takes a look at the locations, how to find them, how to photograph them and even some of the mythology surrounding them.

  • The Bluebells location list, lists a large number of well known bluebell woods throughout the UK, and in each case provides a link to a website that tells you more on the locations.

  • We have looked recently at white balance and colour management and at the end of the article on how to photograph bluebells you will find links to these articles.

We are approaching the time of the year when more is on, and hopefully the weather will be good enough for us to go out and take more photographs.

Added this week you will find the Photographers Diary page for May, with so much to select from you won't know which to choose. We have also updated the major items forward listing.

The other major topics we are looking at this week are partly linked, getting your photographs into magazines, and copyright. We have 4 articles covering this area:-

  • Getting Photos in Magazines,  With over 8,000 magazines all looking for articles and photographs in the UK alone, you can see there are going to be many opportunities. We take a fairly detailed look at getting your work published.

  • Creating illustrated articles, the advantage of providing text as well as photos or working with others that do. This has been, in the past, the way we have had many hundreds of pages or our material, articles and photographs, published in UK magazines.

  • Rights in relation to magazines - When you grant rights for a magazine to use either your photos or articles, what is it that you are granting, what types of rights are there and what do they each mean. Do you for example know that you can sell the same article a number of times.

  • Copyright and Photographers in this article we look at copyright in relation to photographs, and and give you a good background in the subject, without getting too complicated.

We also have a page on another of our models, Luke. We use models as you may be aware to give photographers attending training course the opportunity to gain some experience of portraiture, or operating flash studio of Nikon creative lighting. Some also like to add extra sessions to build portfolios, particularly if they are looking at gaining an income from portraiture.

Locations Featured This Week

Locations pages added this week include:

Bardsey Island, North Wales - An island which lies just two miles beyond the tip of the Llyn peninsula in North Wales, it is 1.5 miles long and just over half a mile wide. It is a Nature Reserve and day trip access to the island is via boat from either Porth Meudwy, or sometimes Pwllheli. There are also holiday cottages on the island for those who want to have a longer visit.

Bedd-yr-Afanc Burial Chamber, Brynberian, Pembrokeshire. On open moorland south-east of Brynberian, a hamlet on the B4329 Haverfordwest-Cardigan road.

Bishops Wood Reserve, Caswell Bay, South Wales. A limestone woodland which is a Nature Reserve located above Caswell Bay on the Gower Peninsula.

Micheldever Woods, Hampshire. A beech woodland in the Hampshire countryside situated 5 miles northeast of Winchester, next to a very noisy M3, which runs through part of it. Beech woods are very good for Bluebells and during April and May each year, this wood is carpeted in blue. There are also some ancient bronze age remains which can be accessed via a waymarked path.

In the News This Week  

Nikon Updates

Nikon D300 Firmware Update. The latest firmware update for the D300 is available. It resolves an issue where in rare cases, images taken at shutter speeds of less than 8 seconds would sometimes show signs of vertical banding. The D300 has two firmware sets, and this only relates to set A version 1.02 only. Go to the Customer Services area of the Nikon website, and on Firmware Updates to find out more.

Also updates for Capture NX and Capture Control Pro are available, amongst other things support for the D60 has been included. Nikons Customer Services area of their website and then Software Downloads will give you more information.

Epson have launched another new 64" wide pro printer, the Stylus Pro GS6000, for those of you who want to be able to produce very large pictures and also have very big pockets to match. Retailing at 29,995 Euros + VAT, it's not one for the occasional user. UK Price is yet to be confirmed and it will be in the UK for the first time from the 22-24th April. See Epson Website for more details.
Adobe Lightroom 2 (Beta). This week Adobe have launched a beta version of Lightroom 2.0 for public preview, this new version will have new features such as dual-monitor support, localised dodge and burn correction amongst others. It is available as a 30-day trial for free download on both Windows and Mac platforms and existing Lightroom users will be able to test the beta version until the end of August 2008. For more details see here.
Watermarking Your Photos. Want to put your images on the internet, but concerned they will be copied and used by anyone. Well this week sees the launch of a new version of the software package, called WinWatermark, which allows you to add text and watermark your images before putting them up onto the internet. You can work on individual images or in batch mode, watermarks can be small graphics or text snippets and they can be customised for their transparency level, location on the picture, size and other elements. As well as this the same software also allows you to add frames, crop and resize images, as well as other tasks. It runs under a Windows environment and is available for purchase and download direct from their website for $29.99
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