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August 2015 

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Re-Enactors taking part in a summer Living History Event.

August is the centre of the summer holidays for the UK and many will be visiting the vast wealth of historic sites, attractions and beaches we have around our shores. At the seaside make sure you look out for those small creatures like sea anemones in the rock pools as well as any jellyfish that have been washed ashore.

Wildlife Photography In August
August Diary
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If you get a chance to visit Charnory Point off the Scottish Coast you might get lucky and see some dolphins from the shoreline, you have to be there at the right time though, as they like to follow the boats in that have been catching fish out at sea.

At many of our historic attractions, such as Castles, Abbeys, Historic Houses, there are a raft of special events taking place to bring the attraction to life, whether it be staff dressed in period costume and cooking the food of the day, or the dedicated army of re-enactors who like to show off their skills, these can be Army musters, Jousting for Kings, or 1900's wartime displays. Don't forget to also look at the sky for the aerial acrobats of Spitfires and other aircraft or the slow soft jaunt of Hot Air Balloons where they can be found in large numbers at events such as the Bristol Balloon Fiesta this month.

As long as the weather stays good, whether your home or way in another part of the UK the summer is a good time to be out an about soaking up the sun, the activities, or getting exercise along our Heritage Coasts and Coastal Paths or Canals and Waterways. The brighter longer days give various opportunities for some great photography. Happy Holidays!

What's New and Changed
Articles and Lists Updated in the Last Month

List of Follies in the UK 

Staying in or by a Lighthouse                      

Locations Updated in the Last Month

Crome Castle, Northern Ireland 

Lynmouth Forelands Lighthouse, Devon

Mull of Galloway Lighthouse, Wigtownshire

Mull of Kintyre Lighthouse, Argyllshire, Scotland

Neist Point Lighthouse, Isle of Skye, Scotland

Souter Point Lighthouse,  South Shields, Durham  

South Foreland Lighthouses, St Margaret's Bay, Kent

Stoer Head Lighthouse, Sutherland, Scotland

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