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November 2015 

Photographers Resource

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Issue No: 142

Firework Explosions on Guy Fawkes Night, 5th November

Welcome to month eleven of 2015, Remember, Remember the 5th of November and Fireworks. Now the evenings in the UK are dark and many local communities around the UK have firework night attractions there is ample opportunity for photographers to practice both night time photography and see if they can catch a colourful spectacle.

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Within the pages of this resource you will find an article on Photographing fireworks that will give you some useful pointers and tips for achieving good firework photos, including using a tripod and if you have one a remote release cable. Take a look and find out how best to capture that glowing warm bonfire in front of you or the sky full of coloured explosions.

November in the South West, particularly Somerset, is also Illuminated Carnival season, with mega trucks crawling along high streets pulling large trailers of light bulbs and people having fun, many to music. The largest of these, Bridgwater Carnival, is just an amazing spectacle, with over 100 floats, some over 100ft long, illuminated with around 20,000 lights. When you go along on the 7th, make sure you go early to get in front of the crowds, you will not be disappointed. Check out our article Photographing carnivals with lights  for hints and tips to get the best pictures.

Bridgwater Carnival, Somerset This one had a Halloween theme.

Sticking with the theme of photographing lights at night there are also other opportunities as the month progresses, with the larger cities like Cardiff, Edinburgh, London starting their Winter Wonderland extravaganzas which include fairgrounds, ice rinks etc. You may find Photographing fun fairs useful. Also on the 27th is the Westonbirt Arboretum - Enchanted Christmas, nr Tetbury, in Gloucestershire, where at the weekends, they light up a mile of its woodland in the run up to Christmas, and you might find our Photographing coloured lights in forest/woodland settings  article helpful for this task.

Explore our diary for other opportunities taking place throughout the UK, some will be near you, but if not then our article Photographing Street scenes at night  and just walk outside your front gate and see what your local street has to offer. If you're quiet enough you may even come across the local wildlife!

Taken at Blackpool Illuminations, Blackpool, Lancashire.

The 2015 season comes to and end this month.

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