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In Britain we are familiar with the idea that many tourist sites such down for the winter. However many do not and this section is all about identifying those places that are open all year allowing photographers and others to explore throughout the year rather than being limited to some parts of the year.

In addition to this there are many places which are just open, for example many stone circles, many points along Hadrian's Wall and the many other items which if not open can still be visited and photographed from the outside for example windmills.

There are also many wildlife places including Wildlife & Wetland Trust sites like Slimbridge which are often best in the winter months when many more migrating birds are visiting.

Location guides contain within their grids details of opening hours and dates so you will discover more open places than is within these lists. However creating a listing of major heritage sites which are open all year should save you a lot of research time. Many religious buildings for example cathedrals are also open all year, some are included within these lists, and some we have location guides for.

If you discover other places that could usefully be added to these lists then please let us know.


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