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Further Information

On this page we have included other links and helpful/useful items that you may be interested in taking a look at.


We have a selection of books on this topic here. If you can't find what you are looking for here then visit our online bookshop.



Website Links

The following website links provide more background information.

Botanic Gardens Conservation International website. The BGCI is a conservation charity based in England and is a membership organisation with over 800 Botanic Gardens spread throughout 120 countries.

RHS Recommended Gardens this links to a searchable database, but they also produce a PDF guide with a selection, which you can download.

RHS Garden Finder - allows you to find a particular garden or list those within a county in ENG, WLS, SCT, and IRL. This includes more than just those that provide free access to RHS members, but is not as complete as our list.

NGS Local to You - allows you to find all gardens open under the scheme in a particular county. Will give you a list of those open 'this month' or by other search methods including ALL and this weekend. You can even put in your postcode and it will find those closest to you. (3,700 in total open)

Garden Arena   Essential British Gardens  (includes Ireland) have to go into each county but can pick up links quite quickly.

Garden Seeker details on gardens open to public, choose county and it lists details on those included, no websites to link to, but does give other contact info.

Gardening Data - Gardens to Visit gardens listed by county.

Gardens Guide   Has listing of 450+ gardens open to public, can get them in alpha or county order. The name of the place is not hyperlinked, but you can go off to their own page and this usually has a link to the gardens website if it has one

Charity Garden Schemes

National Garden Scheme

Gardens of Scotland

Red Cross Garden Open Days

Other places to find plants

Landshare bringing together people who have a passion for home grown food, connecting those who have land to share with those who need land for cultivating food.

Parks and Green Spaces

City Farms and Community Gardens

National Nature Reserves (around 218 throughout the UK)

Local Nature Reserves (around 1280 throughout the UK)


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