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Multi Camera Bracket

A multi camera bracket is used to allow two or more cameras to be put on to a single tripod. There are several makes of these but they are all similar, in that they have a central support bar and positions on both end that heads can be fitted, plus the scope to add further positions onto the bars where more heads can be connected. Some include the extra carriers for heads along the bar, with some this is an optional extra.

Where carriers for extra heads are included, you normally get two, allowing a total of four tripod heads to be connected to the bracket.

Manfrotto offer the 131D8 for 47.20 or as the 131DD8 for 84.95 with two sliding head supports.

There are other options from elsewhere, some at a lower price.

The connection on the bracket is a large screw, as found on tripods, and onto which a tripod head is fitted. By the time you have the bar, which is quite substantial, two heads and two cameras you have quite a weight so a solid and substantial tripod is required. Some of the larger tripods and professional heads have the option to replace the normal screw, that would go into the camera, with a larger screw like that which fits onto a head, and if one of these is used it means that you can mount the whole bar and extra pieces onto the tripod head on a tripod.

This is the arrangements that I use, a professional tripod originally produced for TV production, a substantial fluid head, a multi camera bar with two sliding head holders, two matching heads, onto which I can put two D300 cameras. With this tripod I also have a matching dolly, a wheel set on a base, that is made to connect to this tripod, that allows it to be moved about.

The benefit of this system is that I can set up the two cameras to be parallel, for 3D photography, and wire them together and I am still able to move the camera set about, either by moving the whole bar and head arrangement on the original tripod fluid head or by moving the whole unit on the dolly. The problem of course it that its large and heavy and not really portable.

You can see more photos in the article on the Cable to parallel 2 cameras

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