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Camera Viewing

Right Angle Viewfinders

Delkin professional pop-up shade

Hoodman Loupe 

Photix  - Hector  


Topic Index - Accessories 

Supports and Tripod accessories

Multi camera bracket 

Novaflex Castel-Mini

Fotomate Sliding Plate 


Exposure and Colour Balance

Ezybalance, XpoBalance and TriBalance 

Remote Operation

Remote cables 

Remote controls 

Photix  - Hector  


Cable to parallel 2 cameras 

Lens accessories


Stepping rings  - allowing a holder, adaptor or other filters to be used across a range of lens sizes.

Close-up Lenses 

Tubes & Bellows


Spirit levels

Geotagger Models 

Cleaning the Nikon DSLR Filter. Options and method for Cleaning the Sensor of dust 

Sun compass

Coastal Water and sand proofing - amongst other things looks at rainsleeves for wet weather protection of camera. 



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