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John Constable Then and Now Locations

We are listing some places where paintings by John Constable, the landscape artist, were based. This is a part of a project to identify 'then and now' locations. In total there are well over 400 known paintings and drawings by Constable, many are of the same locations revisited, some sketches and then finished works and some are portraits. This listing is therefore not a complete list of his works but a selected listing. You will find sketches included where possible with finished works, as well as the photos we have taken from visits made in more recent times. Over time more locations will be visited and will then be added.

Some of the locations are very near together including well over 10 clustered around Flatford Mill, while some others are not far away from Flatford Mill along the Stour Valley and between Flatford Mill and East Bergholt.

Then and Now Photography  involves looking at a past image, be it a photograph, drawing or painting and then attempting to take the same place today. Many of our location guides have old images so that you can see how the place has changed over time, Lighthouses being a good example. This listing is of location guides that we have specifically produced looking at the 'then and now' image rather than the development or other history of the location.  You can find other 'then and now' locations identified at Then and Now Locations  and the pages linked from it on specific areas.

Items linked in the left column have location guides. I have also included in this listing other major works, and in as many as I can the date painted, location and where the the original painting can be seen.

The listing is in the order that he painted them, earliest first.

Painting date and location of original


County NGR

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Dedham Vale  (1802) Victoria and Albert Museum, London Dedham Suffolk TM034336


combined with other Dedham Vale
The Mill Stream (1810-14) Flatford Suffolk TM077332


Flatford Mill from the Lock (1812) Flatford Suffolk TM076332


Two Boys Fishing (1813) Anglesey Abbey, Cambs, NT Flatford Suffolk TM076332


Landscape - Ploughing Scene in Suffolk (1814, revised c.1816 and 1831) Yale Center for British Art, New Haven, CT   Suffolk  


The Ferry (1814) Flatford Suffolk TM077331


Unable to locate a copy of the picture. I think its at the same location as The Valley Farm
Flatford Lock from the Mill House (1814) Flatford Suffolk TM077331


The Stour Valley And Dedham Church (18141815) Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Flatford/
East Bergolt
Suffolk TM071340

Copy of painting

Boat Building near Flatford Mill (1814-1815) Victoria and Albert Museum, London Flatford Suffolk TM076333

Large copy of painting

Golding Constable's Flower Garden (1815) Ipswich Museum, Ipswich East Bergolt Suffolk  

Copy of painting

Golding Constable's Kitchen Garden (1815) Ipswich Museum, Ipswich East Bergolt Suffolk  

Copy of Painting

Portrait of Maria Bicknell, Mrs. John Constable (1816) Tate Gallery, London maybe

Large Copy of painting

Wivenhoe Park, Essex (1816) National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C. Colchester Essex TM030241

OS Get a map

large copy of painting

Now University of Essex
Flatford Mill (original title Scene on a Navigable River; 181617) Tate Gallery, London Flatford Suffolk TM075332


Weymouth Bay (181617) National Gallery, London Weymouth Dorset?  

Large copy of painting

At least 3 paintings
The White Horse (original title A Scene on the river Stour) (1819) Frick Collection, New York City Flatford Suffolk TM077330


Hampstead Heath (1820) Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge London London TQ263868


At least 15 paintings
Stratford Mill (1820) National Gallery, London Stratford/


2 versions
The Hay Wain (original title Landscape: Noon; 1821) National Gallery, London Flatford Suffolk TM077332

Large copy of painting 

View on the Stour near Dedham   (1822) The Huntington Library, San Marino, CA, USA Flatford Suffolk TM076333


Salisbury Cathedral from the Bishop's Grounds (1823) Victoria and Albert Museum, London Salisbury Wiltshire  

copy of painting

3 versions
A Watermill at Gillingham (1823-27) Gilingham Dorset  


Seascape Study with Rain Clouds (182425) Royal Academy of Arts, London   Suffolk  


The Lock 1824 Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum Spain Flatford Suffolk TM076332

Copy of painting

Brighton Beach (c.1824-6) Dunedin Public Art Gallery, Dunedin Brigton Sussex  


4 paintings
The Leaping Horse (1825) Royal Academy of Arts, London Near Flatford
1 mile west
Suffolk TM064335

Copy of painting

The Cornfield (1826) National Gallery, London near Flatford Suffolk TM071339

large copy of painting

Dedham Vale (1828) National Gallery of Scotland, Edinburgh Langham Suffolk  


Hadleigh Castle (1829) Tate Gallery, London Hadleigh Essex TQ810860

copy of painting  there may also  be another oil sketch version Multimap

Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadows (1831) Private collection; on loan to National Gallery, London Salisbury Wiltshire  


The Opening of Waterloo Bridge seen from Whitehall Stairs, June 18, 1817 (c.1832) Tate Britain, London London London  

copy of painting

Waterloo Bridge seen from Whitehall Stairs
The Valley Farm (1835) Tate Gallery, London Flatford Suffolk TM076331


Arundel Mill and Castle (c.183637) Toledo Museum of Art, Toledo, OH, USA Arundel   TQ018073 (castle)

copy of painting

Arundel castle on   Wikipedia 

Probably viewed from Mill Hanger TQ015081 Multimap


A Cottage in a Corn Field 1817 National Museum and Art Gallery of Wales, Cardiff

1833 - Victoria and Albert Museum London

Flatford Suffolk  


Was at the end of Fen Lane, the cottage was demolished in 1885.


This list will continue to grow as we come across new places. REMEMBER if know of somewhere that you feel is a good place please let us know.


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