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Lastolite KickerLite and UpLite



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These two units have a similar use, in that they produce infill light from below. The KickerLite being a wedge shaped light box and the UpLite is reflectors held in a wedge shaped position. Although Lastolite don't mention anywhere that these two can connect together, we have found that they do and can be used together extending the use of the KickerLite to being a multi angle soft box.

We have an article on each of these showing how they are assembled and used. See:-

Using the KickerLite and UpLite Together
I spotted on the point of the wedge of the KickerLite that a piece would un-Velcro, exposing part of the metal hoop. The instructions do not mention this. Experimenting with this, using it as a handle, as a means of hanging the KickerLite etc, I discovered that you can link up a reflector from an UpLite, this is the same size, it lines up exactly as it would in the UpLite but the piece that I undid from the KickerLite comes around and fastens to the other side, making a far more secure join than the UpLite. Connecting up the UpLite mechanism at the other end allowed me to change the angle starting well above the existing angle and taking it up to a vertical or shortly back from this to maintain more stability. In this position you have a very useful 4ft by 3ft light box. It can be moved about without problems and operates well when used with the Nikon Creative Lighting system and when used in combination with the Nikon Creative Lighting  on the KickerLite being used with Cool-Lites.

As you can change the angle and have a large soft box effect, this is quite a useful addition. Perhaps if you were on the edge of deciding to get these two units, this justifies their purchase.

Soft box using the two kits together

<< The front edge of the KickerLite


KickerLite and UpLite parts joined together >>

<< Girl looking out of a window effect. Using this softbox as the main light right, with a Nikon SB800 and shadow in-fill from a cool-lite softbox with only  2 lamps on.


Showing the arrangement, (no additional lighting) >>

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Note:- The models used on this page are all Girlequins, not real people, but special life sized mannequins used for training photographers.

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