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Lastolite KickerLite

The KickerLite is a wedge shaped softbox designed to produce light from below.  Although Lastolite don't mention anywhere that the KickerLite can connect to their UpLite, we have found that they do and can be used together extending the use of the KickerLite to being a multi angle soft box. See Lastolite KickerLite and UpLite to see how we connected them.

The KickerLite is similar in design in many ways to the Lastolite HiLite, it has two strung hoops, the front one containing a diffuser and the rear one a reflector on the inside and black back, these are joined by material, in this case to form a wedge shape. A mechanism at the widest end holds it open and will also support a light or flash. A small reflector slips inside clipping to the centre of the support providing an angle reflector and a choice of 2 surfaces. The top and bottom are 4ft by 3ft, the same size as the UpLite.

It is designed to throw a soft diffused light upwards to fill in shadows under chins etc, it is set at a fixed 35 degree angle.

<< Out of the bag




Main piece sprung out and rear frame in place >>


<< Reflector added and connected to centre bar of frame.



Rear cover in place Velcro top and bottom, zip in the middle to put light through >>

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Although all the promotional material and their catalogue says it can be used with battery operated flash guns, and in the latest catalogue it is shown in place, there is no way to connect these without purchasing an adaptor to get from the spigot fitting to something that can hold a flash unit, several people do make these. The part you need is Lastolite part 2402 or a Manfrotto 026.

If you have a Lastolite Ezybox and will not be using this at the same time you can borrow some parts from that to act as a flash holder.

As these connectors/adaptors are often not in stock, you may like to check you can get one BEFORE ordering a KickerLite.

As I have a tripod style ball head on a clamp (Manfroto) I use this to get a Nikon SB800 connected.                                                 (shown right) >>>

I feel a suitable adaptor should have been provided and I initially thought my kit was short of this part, but the dealer, having checked with the Lastolite distributor, came back and said that the promotional material was wrong, and that it did not connect unless you bought an adaptor.

Click on smaller images to see larger version

When using the Nikon SB800 or other Nikon flash operating in the Nikon Creative Lighting system, remember that you can use the depth of field button to make flashes strobe, allowing you to see where the light from the KickerLite is going, and allowing you to make adjustments.

It is a useful unit, but it really needs to be able to be positioned away from people, therefore you need a large room. So look at your working area and think about where the person is going to be that you are photographing and where you will put the 4ft deep unit, and where the light that goes up from it will go.

In the illustrations I have kept it too close, but just about workable, as I wanted to be able to show it in some photos. I would not expect to use it this close to a standing person.


The image on the right was taken using a Cool-Lite soft box as the main light to the left of the camera, see shadow created by lower hand, and the KickerLite (flash) to the right to reduce most of the shadows, but without flattening the image. Background is  a Lastolite HiLite.


Note:- The models used on this page are all Girlequins, not real people, but special life sized mannequins used for training photographers.

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