Friday 14th December 2007

Welcome to the first edition of our free weekly magazine for photographers. Our objective is to provide you with selected information that will assist you to enjoy and succeed with your photography, and to do this in a way that also allows a very useful photographers resource to be built.

Each newsletter will not be huge, and contain often just a brief overview of the topics that we have looked at, with links to the detail for those who want it. We donít expect everyone to be interested in every article but to check what is on offer and to read the ones that grab their attention. We are in no way attempting to compete with printed magazines, or any other service that is currently available.

In each newsletter you will find some common features like a photograph of the week, a technical term explained, a look at a type of photography, a featured location and several other locations in less detail, technical tips and articles. Regular items will include reviews, a look at a course, diary items showing what is coming up over the next couple of months that would be interesting to photograph, and about once every 3 weeks we will introduce one of the models that you could be photographing while attending one of our courses. We will also be expanding the reference section and several other sections and from time to time will tell you what has been added.

We will also carry news that we have come across, where we feel it may be relevant or interesting to you.

Starting soon we will be adding a challenge each month, this will run over the months editions with the challenge to start, then explanations of ways you might meet this, and what we have come up with. Perhaps also featuring what some of you have done as well. We also want to develop a competition, but this process will start with a discussion paper explaining what we are proposing and getting your feedback, before we put anything into practice.

What is he thinking? Put your mouse point over the picture.

White Lion taken at West Midlands Safari Park, October 2007 with Nikon D2x and 80-400VR lens at 400mm ISO 500 1/320th f9 (through car window) edited with Capture NX.

Of course we are limited in what we can do, some weeks we are so fully occupied training that writing much for the magazine is difficult, this week is a  good example with Keith running a 5 day and 4 evening course for a client who has just bought a D300. So the amount of material in magazines will vary, however we have developed a schedule of what we would ideally like to cover that runs 6 weeks ahead, so some material can be created ahead of when it will be needed, we decided not to publish this as we wonít be sticking to it. If more interesting or topical things happen, or something comes up, or new developments happen, or we get our hands on something new we will want to tell you about it, after all we are involved in photography and photographic training because we are enthusiastic photographers, and want to enjoy our involvement to the full.

Our articles will often cover specific areas of photography, perhaps looking sometimes at specific features of the cameras, or at a type of photography. We would appreciate that you cannot learn a great deal from a magazine article, but get in many cases an overview of a topic. However looking at a specific camera feature or aspect may be a useful way of covering both minor items that tend to get overlooked when you are learning so much more on a course and refreshing your memory on some other aspects. 

The largest item we are currently working on is an in depth review of the D300, and this will appear within the next few weeks, due to the reviews size this may be broken down to run over two or more weeks. It would not be possible to do such a review in a printed magazine.

We would encourage you to register to get the email headlines, so that you know immediately each edition is available, this is done with an automated system, and you can unsubscribe to this any time you want very easily by just clicking the last line of the email. As we know how many people have been circulated it will give us some idea of how many are reading the newsletter, and down line when numbers grow may help us to persuade manufactures to lend us items to review. While you could just pop in occasionally when you remember and the last few newsletters will be available, you would miss out on some of the offers we have planned, some of which will only appear in the newsletter and be for a week only. Our objective is to bring out a new newsletter every Friday, and we hope you try it for at least a month to see how interesting you find it.

If you donít read it regularly or you remember something you have seen covered but didnít make a note at the time, then you will still be able to find articles, reviews, reference information, what is coming up that can be photographed, locations and a lot more from the website, that will grow week on week, with sections and pages being updated and extended as new information comes to light.

Other pages in this newsletter

An introduction to reference resources for photographers.

Type of Photography: Photojournalism

An introduction to photochromes - just like travelling back in time.

A quick look at a course:  The Conversion Short, moving to a different Nikon DSLR camera.

Technical Tip:  Resetting the way windows links to a program when a camera is connected, particularly relevant if you have previously set Picture Project as your default and now want to use ViewNX and Nikon Transfer.

Photographers Diary for December 2007 and January 2008, while we may think there is not much on at this time of the year we have been able to find a few interesting events, as the year goes on we expect the number of identified opportunities to increase.

Featured Location:  Martin Mere, WWT centre in Lancashire. This time of year is the best for this and some of the other WWT centres as there are large numbers of geese and swans visiting us from the north.

Location Guides:  Brecon Beacons National Park, South Wales

Cairngorms National Park, Scotland

Castell Henllys Iron Age Fort, Pembrokeshire

We will be adding more location guides each week.


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