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August 2013

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Happisburgh Lighthouse,  Norfolk

 The image taken from the nearby car park in April 2013

This month is International Lighthouse Weekend, don't forget to check out our Lighthouse Section where we list all the lighthouses throughout the UK, many with detailed information and images and check out in particular our interactive maps to find a lighthouse either near where you live or near your holiday destination, during the weekend of the 17th and 18th August.

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It has been announced that 2013 was the final outing for the Focus on Imaging Show. The organisers had decided to call it a day and rather than sell on the franchise the decision was made to close it completely. However for those of  you who will miss the annual visit, there is no need to worry as in a recent Trade Magazine there was an announcement for a new show being organised by Future Publishing to take it's March spot at the NEC in Birmingham, The Photography Show will run from Sunday 1st March through to Tuesday 4th March 2014. It is to be a consumer and professional event and will combine interactive features, such as a full on-site studio suite and a Wildflower Garden created to ensure all subject interests are fully catered for, but there will also be dedicated conferences and events as well as many exhibitors and retailers on the show floor. As more details are announced, I'll try and keep you up to date!

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Happisburgh Lighthouse,  Norfolk


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