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Wildlife In The Garden

Of course gardens aren't only about flowers, plants, water, structures and features, it is also home to an abundance of different types of wildlife. There are many from the small micro world through birds to visiting larger mammals. There are also different types of wildlife depending on whether you are in a town or country garden. So what is the potential for wildlife in the garden:

Small Wildlife will include bees, butterflies, moths, flies, water features may attract dragonflies, frogs, toads and midges. Some of these may even get in the way when trying to do a portrait of your favourite plant. Other times with the right equipment you will be able to get a portrait of the creature, but be quick many of these move fast especially when you get too close.

For taking good photos of things close up, implement some of the techniques explained in Macro or micro photography, which also outlines the advantages and effect, as well as the differences in terminology between manufacturers.

Birds - there are many UK garden birds from the traditional Robin to blackbird, and larger species such as pigeon, magpie or crow and also the colourful Goldfinch. If you live in the countryside or near to a wood then you may also get a visit from a Great Spotted Woodpecker on your bird feeder or a Green Woodpecker on your lawn. Birdfeeders and bird baths will help to attract them more frequently so that you can build up a picture of their habits.

Mammals - some visitors to the garden may include, rats, badgers, foxes, and at night bats.

Countryside Gardens you will see many of those listed above, but you may also find Pheasants and partridges, like the Red-Legged Partridge or Grey Partridge, will visit from nearby fields, field mice and maybe the occasional visit from a Sparrowhawk or other bird of prey.

Town Gardens on the other hand will be more likely to see pigeons, Grey Squirrels, and cats! along with the smaller wildlife around.

Public Parks, often in towns will contain lakes and streams and often these will have Swans, a variety of ducks, moorhens, coots and a wide variety of bugs of every type.

A Grasshopper See Larger Image

A Toad See Larger Image

Ornamental Ducks See Larger Image

Every garden is different, thinking of the wildlife we have had in our garden and those of relations I can think of over a 100 types of different birds, badgers, foxes, rabbits, deer, hedgehogs and much more so there really is an enormous amount of wildlife out there for us to photograph.

There are things you can do to attract wildlife into your garden, there are also ways to make your garden wildlife friendly. The garden is a living environment and at whatever time of day or year you are experiencing it you will find something to photograph.


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