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Garden Photography

Garden photography offers the opportunity to photograph at nearly anytime of the year in a variety of styles and settings. It allows us to demonstrate a wide variety of skills and gain an enormous depth of experience. We will all have our own specific reasons and interests for wanting to take pictures of gardens, whether it be for the colourful and sensual experience they can give us, or taking close ups of individual plants to record different aspects of the plants lifecycle or species or to look at structures and history of how some of the gardens came about. Whatever the reason you are taking your camera outside into the garden, you will certainly enjoy the experience.

A Cotswolds Garden

Of course garden photography is not only about the garden and plant life but there is also a wealth of wildlife to be found from the miniscule bug to the visiting bird or mammal. If you have your own garden then there is a range of activity out there to be photographed and at any time of the year, but if not then there are a vast variety of gardens open to the public, many hundreds all year round like the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew in Surrey, and others which only open for a few days during the summer months that are a part of various schemes raising money for charity.

In doing the research for this featured week we have been able to build lists of gardens for England, Scotland and Wales where we came across and have listed over 1000 gardens open to the public, but there are many more. We have also identified how you find out about the many gardens that are open for short period in aid of various charities.

We have identified those magazines that cover gardens and gardening that may provide more information for you on a regular basis and some of these will take photographs of gardens and plants or even illustrated articles for their pages.

Garden Photography can be split down into a number of sections and in our series of articles we are going to look at:

Whatever the time of year, the garden being a living breathing space is constantly on the move and changing so there is always something of interest to photograph.

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