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Heritage Truth what is and is not true and what misconceptions you may spot

Photographers New Eyes. The way photography can effect our ability to see things afresh, and a fresh look at history

What do the Stars hold for you, a futurist look at  2008 and considering ways to get some pay back from your photography.


Photographing fun fairs

Carnivals and Illuminations

Fair Isle, Shetland

Fair Isle North Lighthouse, Shetland

Fair Isle South Lighthouse, Shetland

Falkirk Wheel, Stirlingshire  

Falkirk Wheel Gallery

Fallow Deer

Falls - See Waterfalls Section

Falls of Clyde Wildlife Reserve, New Lanark, Lanarkshire

Falls of Glomach, Dorusduain, Ross-shire

Falls of Shin, nr Lairg, Sutherland

Family History - see also Local History

Farleigh Hungerford Castle, Somerset

Farne Islands

Inner Farne Lighthouse, Farne Islands, Northumberland

Farne Islands, Northumberland

Longstone Lighthouse, Farne Islands, Northumberland

Staple Island Lighthouse, Farne Islands, Northumberland 

Featured Galleries

Felin Selar, Llanddeusant, Anglesey

Ferris Point lighthouse, Antrim, Northern Ireland

Fetlar, Shetland

Ffestiniog Railway, Blaenau Ffestiniog, Gwynedd

Fidra, East Lothian

Fidra Lighthouse, East Lothian


Fife Ness Lighthouse, Fife

Filters Section


Filters - What you need - this article, looking at what you put on your shopping list.

Filters for digital photography - generalised introduction to filters.

Further information page complete with links to other articles, filter manufacturers etc.


Filters for coastal photography - introduction, gives some filters that would be useful in a specific case.

Filters for autumn colours   looks at the different types of filters, some to assist some perhaps to enhance the effects, we also look at where its needed as opposed to being able do this in editing.

Protection filters - filters on lenses to keep the lenses clean.

Neutral Density and Graduated

Filters-ND graduated filters   - the most essential filters, looking at hard, soft, reverse, strengths and how to decide what to use, setting exposure and more.

Graduated filters    - coloured graduated filters allowing images to be improved.

ND filters  - used to allow longer exposures, having a range of uses.


Polarisers -  the most commonly used of all special filters beyond the protection filters.

Special Effects

Effect filters   - special effects like stars, soft effects , netting and more.

Sunset Filters

Monochrome Effect Filters 

Accessories and Holders

Filter holders - the sizes, types and arrangements, which one is best for your lenses.

Stepping rings  - allowing a holder, adaptor or other filters to be used across a range of lens sizes.

Other methods with similar results

Double and multiple exposure  -  used with filters or with card to give similar effects to using some filters.

Filters - Other solutions - other ways to get similar effects, without using filters, and differences.


Exposure Control and Graduated Filters - Camera Images ‘Short’ 3 hour course that can be taken on its own or combined with others on , and we have also covered a little on this. In under half the time, the same ground cannot be covered as in the Masterclass but the basics and areas that are either of most interest or most relevant to your photographic interests can be covered. 

Exposure Masterclass run by Photography Skills. The object is to be able to manage exposure in just about any situation, coping with challenging situations and extremes, as well as being in creative control at all times. This, like several others, may at first seam like a simple subject but is an interesting and exciting range of knowledge and skills that allows you not only to get the right exposure in more situations but to understand why problems arise and how to overcome them. You take away with you both the understanding and skills as well as an exposure aid that is exclusively produced for clients of Camera  Images and Photography Skills.

Black & White Masterclass. Dual tone, sepia and  Black & White photography is popular at the moment and more people wanting to both understand it and get to grips with producing stunning and memorable results.  The Photography Skills Masterclass on Black & White Photography covers this in detail, covering filters and when they are used, in camera and editing methods to get good results.

Filters - cleaning

Cleaning the Nikon DSLR Filter. Options and method for Cleaning the Sensor of dust 

See also dust


Early Photo Sizes 

List of Film Sizes

Cross Reference of Films  

Filming - Video - see Video Filming

Finchingfield Post Windmill, Finchingfield, Essex

Find Telephone numbers and cost

Fine art photography 

Fire Festivals and Fireworks

Photographing fireworks

Firework Events

Fire Festivals and Fire Events

Burning the Clocks, Brighton, Sussex

The Fireball Festival, Stonehaven, Kincardineshire

Ottery St Mary Tar Barrels, Ottery St Mary, Devon

Up Helly Aa, Lerwick, Shetland


Nikon Firmware and Software Versions

First Visit to Photographers Resource

Flada Lighthouse, Argyllshire

Flags, Tags and Filters

Flamborough Head Lighthouse, Yorkshire 

Flannan Islands Lighthouse, Ross-shire


See Lighting and Reflectors Section

Understanding Flash Guide Numbers

Nikon SB900 First look

Comparing Nikon Flash Units. The models and their use, macro flash kits, creative lighting system and commander.

Nikon Creative Lighting  

Price Comparison across UK Suppliers for Nikon Flash Systems as at February 2009

Canon Flash Price Comparison across suppliers as at February 2009

Creative Lighting and Flash (CLG). Training course. Looking in a bit more detail at our CLG training day, but also looking at flash and showing that there is more to it than we first realise as well as covering the options of Nikon Flash methods available to you and listing other courses we have which will contain an element of flash, but not to the same degree.

Quick Start Short - Flash. Training course. We look in particular at the camera and flash unit you have and the particular need you have to use flash at that time without going into all the possibilities that would be covered on our normal Day course.

Looking at Light Cubes

Photographing Flowers In Your Home

Introduction to Studio and Flash Lighting  

Mains Flash  

Can Flash Damage Anything

Flash Cubes

Looking at Light Cubes

Flash Diffuser - Lambency 

Flash Diffuser - Lambency Compared 

Flat Holm Lighthouse, Glamorgan

Flatford Lock from the Mill House Then & Now, Flatford, Suffolk

Flatford Mill, Flatford, Suffolk

Flatford Mill from the Lock Then & Now, Flatford, Suffolk

Flatford Mill Then & Now, Flatford, Suffolk

Fleet Air Arm Museum, Yeovilton, Somerset

Flooding links


Photographing Flowers In Your Home

Selecting Vases

Where to Photograph Plants General Alpha List

Where to Photograph Plants General County List

The Law and UK Wild Plants


Where to Photograph Bluebells

Where to photograph Bluebells, how to photograph them and even some of the mythology surrounding them.


Where to Photograph Daffodils


Where to Photograph Snowdrops


Where to Photograph Roses in the UK

See also Gardens


Soft Images 

Sharpness Masterclass Training course. for those who have mastered the basics of photography, Photography Skills have a course that can show you techniques to help you improve the sharpness of your photos.

Focus on imaging

Focus On Imaging annual UK Photographic Show. 2008 Advance information.

Focus on Imaging Show - What to look out for - Feb 2008

Focus on Imaging 2008 A highlighted tour with many links.

What To Look Out For at Focus 2009

Focus-On-Imaging Show 2009 Review

Focus Show 2010 Report

Folkestone white horse  Folkestone, Kent


Follies & Monuments Section

List of Follies in the UK 

Follies and How to Photograph Them 

Broadway Tower, Broadway, Worcestershire

Druids Temple, Swinton, Yorkshire

King Alfred's Tower, Brewham, Somerset

Knill Monument, nr St Ives, Cornwall

McCaigs Tower, Oban, Argyllshire

Penshaw Monument, Sunderland, Durham  

Sturts Folly, Horton, Dorset

Wroxton Follies, nr Banbury, Oxfordshire

Footpaths - Walks Section

Forces - See Waterfalls Section

Forde Abbey, Chard, Somerset

Forde Abbey, Somerset

Fords - Topic Index

Fords Explained

Finding Fords

Safety at Fords

How to Photograph Fords

Featured 5* Fords

Fords in England

Fords in Scotland

Fords in Wales

Isle of Man Fords

Foreign Tourists - See Overseas Visitors


Where to Photograph Autumn Colours

Formby Pinewoods and Red Squirrel Reserve, Formby, Merseyside 


Hill Forts and Earthworks   

Roman Forts - see Roman Britain Section

Fotomate Sliding Plate 

Foula, Shetland

Foula Lighthouse, Shetland

Foulness Lighthouse, Cromer, Norfolk 

Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal Water Gardens, Yorkshire

Foxton Inclined Plane and Locks, Leicestershire

Framing and Mounting

Overview of framing and mounting, Introductory article with outline of the options and areas for further research.

Digital Photo Frames  small to wall sized. Comparing one with another, and comparing different sources, sizes and prices.

Framing Up the Image - The Use of Framing Tools

Calculating Cut-Outs (extra information)

Guidelines On Viewing Guide (extra information)

Expanding the Techniques - Combining mirrors and cut-outs

Frazerburgh Lighthouse and Scotland's Lighthouse Museum, Aberdeenshire


Free Organising Software

Freethorpe Mill, Freethorpe, Norfolk

Fujifilm FinePix Real 3D

Fun fairs

Photographing fun fairs

Carnivals and Illuminations

FX or DX Sensors




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