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Rabbit - European

Radstock Then & Now, nr Bath, Somerset

Raglan Castle, Monmouthshire

Raglan Castle Gallery

Rail Travel

Rail Travel - Cutting the Cost  a method to reduce train travel costs

Ways to Cut the Cost of Rail Travel

Railways - Railway Section

Railways Topic Index

Alpha listing of railways, trains and trams       

Coping with high contrast

Featured standard gauge heritage railways

Further Railway Information links      

Great little trains of Wales

Photography on the railways

Rail links

Railway Magazines      

Railway Photography

Railway Photo Charters

Rainbows - How to photograph

Ramsey Island, Pembrokeshire

Rate Card - Setting Yours 


Setting Your Rate Card 

Suggested Minimum Rates for Photographers 

Rathlin East Lighthouse, Antrim, Northern Ireland

Rathlin West Lighthouse, Antrim, Northern Ireland

Rattray Head Lighthouse, Aberdeenshire


Nikon Firmware and Software Versions

Nikon Capture NX2 - Overview

Photoshop and D300/D60 raw files 

ViewNX for CNX2 and Nikon Transfer

Record Offices and Archives

Recycling - FreeCycle

Red Deer

Red Kite

Red Kite

Where to Photograph Red Kites

Gigrin Farm - Red Kite Feeding Station, Radnorshire

Girgrin Farm

Red-Legged Partridge

Red-Legged Partridge

Red Squirrels

Where to photograph Red Squirrels 

Red Squirrel Sanctuary Muirhead, Dundee


Redwings Ada Cole Memorial Stables, Essex

Redwings Caldecott Rescue Centre, Norfolk

Redwings Oxhill Horse Rescue Centre, Warwickshire

Re-enactments of Roman Britain

Reeves' Muntjac Deer

Reference Section

Reference Introduction


See Lighting and Reflectors Section

Reflector Sizes. Reflector size, quoted v actual delivered.

Reflectors application, use and advantages

Looking at Light Cubes

Home made reflector project   

Diffuser (Flash) - Lambency 

Diffuser (Flash) - Lambency Compared 

Religious Buildings - Abbeys and Monasteries Section

Abbeys and Monasteries Topic Index

Remote Operation or Viewing

Remote cables 

Remote controls 



Reptile Species

Research considerations

Heritage Truth what is and is not true and what misconceptions you may spot

Photographers New Eyes. The way photography can effect our ability to see things afresh, and a fresh look at history

What do the Stars hold for you, a futurist look at  2008 and considering ways to get some pay back from your photography.

Reserves, bird, see under bird or wildlife


Rhondda Heritage Park, Pontypridd, Glamorgan

RHS Gardens

Wisley (RHS), Surrey  

Rosemoor (RHS), Devon   

Hyde Hall (RHS), Essex  

Harlow Carr (RHS), North Yorkshire   

Rhuddlan Castle, Denbighshire

Ridgeway Path    

The Ridgeway

Right Angle Viewfinders

Rights and copyright

Rights Managed Licensing for Stock Photography - what it is, what the image might be used for, who uses them, what fees are likely to be earned, and more.

Copyright and Photographers - We look at copyright in relation to photographs, and and give you a good background in the subject, without getting too complicated.

Should I Mark my Images with Copyright Information. This is a quick response to a query we had on one of our training days. It looks at why you might want to consider it or not.

Copyright Libraries - an obligation to give 6 copies to various libraries if you are offering books to the public.

Rights in relation to magazines - When you grant rights for a magazine to use either your photos or articles, what is it that you are granting, what types of rights are there and what do they each mean. 

Creative commons

Creative Commons   Making your work available without fees, but reserving some rights. 

Creative commons - a key to licences and symbols

Creative commons artwork sources 

Ring of Brodgar Stone Circle, Orkney, Scotland

Rinns of Islay Lighthouse, Argyllshire

Rival Falls, Ingleton, Yorkshire 

Road and traffic links

Robin (European)

Roche Abbey, Maltby, Rotherham, Yorkshire

Rockville Farm Doocot, East Lothian

Roe Deer

Roker Pier Lighthouse, Sunderland, Durham  

Rollright Stones, Oxfordshire

Roman Army Museum, nr Greenhead, Northumberland  

Roman Britain Section

Topic Index - Roman Britain

Roman Britain - what we really know

Re-enactments of Roman Britain

Roman numbers, dates and Ready Reckoner

Roman Numerals   

Roman Roads

Roman Walls

Roman Amphitheatres in Britain

Where to Photograph Roman Britain in England

Where to Photograph Roman Britain in Scotland

Where to Photograph Roman Britain in Wales

Roman Frontiers    

Antonine Wall

Hadrian's Wall  

Hadrian's Wall - Featured Places

Hadrian's Wall Route Guide

Hadrian's Wall Further Information

Romans on Anglesey

Britain's Buildings

Time Line of Britain's Buildings

Roman Forts - see Roman Britain Section

Roman Frontiers    

Roman Towns - see Roman Britain Section

Roman Vindolanda, Chesterholm, Northumberland

Roman Vindolanda

Rona Lighthouse, South Rona, Inverness-shire


Where to Photograph Roses in the UK

David Austin Rose Garden, Shropshire  

The Alnwick Garden, Northumberland

Houghton Hall Gardens, Kings Lynn, Norfolk

Dalemain Gardens, Penrith, Cumbria

City of Belfast International Rose Garden, Belfast, Antrim, Northern Ireland

Rosemoor (RHS), Devon   

Rottingdean Smock Mill, Nr Brighton, Sussex

Round Island Lighthouse, Isles of Scilly, Cornwall  


Hadrian's Wall Route Guide

Royal Botanic Gardens

Royal Botanic Garden of Edinburgh, Scotland  

Royal Botanic Gardens Kew History  

Royal Botanic Gardens Kew , Richmond, Surrey

Royal Gunpowder Mills, Waltham Abbey, Essex

Royal Sovereign Lighthouse  Eastbourne, Sussex  

Ruadh Sgeir Lighthouse, Argyllshire

Rubh Re/Rua Reidh Lighthouse, Ross-shire

Rubha Cadail Light, Ross-shire

Rubha Nan Gall Lighthouse, Argyllshire

Rudh An Duin Lighthouse, Argyllshire

Rue Point Lighthouse, Antrim, Northern Ireland

Rural Life Museum (National), East Kilbride, Lanarkshire

Rutter Force, Appleby, Cumbria (Westmorland)

Ruvaal Lighthouse, Argyllshire




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