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John Constable Painting Locations

Pakenham Windmill, Pakenham, Suffolk

Palace of Westminster, London  


Novaflex Castel-Mini

Fotomate Sliding Plate 

Phottix - Hector  

Paper - See Media

Parc Glynllifon Craft Centre and Historic Gardens, Cearnarfonshire

Parkhouse Hill, Derbyshire

Parliament - Houses of, London  



Grey Partridge

Red-Legged Partridge

Red-Legged Partridge

Paston Mill, Paston, Norfolk

Pecca Falls, Ingleton, Yorkshire

Pembroke Castle, Pembrokeshire

Pembrokeshire Coastal Path, South Wales 

Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, South Wales 

Pendeen Lighthouse, Cornwall

Penmon Cross, Penmon, Anglesey

Penmon Dovecot, Penmon, Anglesey

Penmon Lighthouse, Anglesey

Penmon Priory, Penmon, Anglesey

Penninis Lighthouse, St Mary's, Isle of Scilly, Cornwall  

Penrhos Feilw Standing Stones, nr Holyhead, Anglesey

Penrhyn Castle, Caernarfonshire

Penshaw Monument, Sunderland, Durham  

Pensthorpe Nature Reserve and Gardens, Norfolk

Pentland Skerries Lighthouse, Orkney

Pepper Pot, Isle of Wight, Hampshire

Pepper Pot Lighthouse, Argyllshire

Perch Rock Lighthouse, New Brighton, Cheshire 


Making Buildings Stand Up Straight. Overcoming the problem of buildings sloping backwards 

Spirit levels

How to photograph waterfalls and Perspective

Perpetual calendar

Peterborough Cathedral, Peterborough, Cambs

Pewsey white horse  Pewsey, Wiltshire

Pheasant - Common

Common Pheasant

Photix  - Hector  

Photo Archives

Photo Archive

Photo Books

Making your own Photography Book

Printing Photo Books Yourself

Suppliers of print your own Photography books

Photography book suppliers


Copyright Libraries - an obligation to give 6 copies to various libraries if you are offering books to the public.

ISBN numbers - the numbers and barcodes you see on books for sale.


An introduction to Photochromes - just like travelling back in time.

Photochromes On Photo Archive with many images

Photo collections - Backing Up

Photographers diary

Photographic Dealers Online

Photographic editing

see software,

see Photoshop

Photographic History

Photography Timeline

An introduction to photochromes - just like travelling back in time.

Pictorialism - a style of photography used at the turn of the 20th Century, an early form of Fine Art Photography.

Photographic Insurance

Photographic Techniques 

Photographing deer

Photography Section

Photography - 3D Section

Photography Business section

Photography Coastal - see Coastal Photography

Photography - Metadata, Keywords and Captions


Keywords and Captions

Photography Night Time - see Night Time Photography

Photography over the winter months

Photography reference

Photography Then and Now  - See Comparative Photography

Photography Timeline

Photography topics section


Making Buildings Stand Up Straight. Overcoming the problem of buildings sloping backwards 

Photoshop and Adobe links

Photoshop and D300/D60 raw files 

Photo Sizes (Early) 

Pictorialism - a style of photography used at the turn of the 20th Century, an early form of Fine Art Photography.

Pictorial Landscapes

Picture Libraries

Stock Photography and Micro Stock the licensing of rights to the reproduction of your photos for specific uses for a fee.

Pigeon Tower, Rivington, Lancashire

Pigeon Towers see Dovecots

Pike Hill Signal Tower  Banks, Cumbria  

Pillar Lighthouse, Burnham-on-Sea, Somerset

Pillar Rock, Holy Island, Buteshire

Pinhole Section

Pinhole Cameras

A pinhole for your DSLR

Using a pinhole to simulate the rising front on a camera

Using a pinhole to Get a zoom/wide angle effect 

Pringle tube pinhole camera 

Pinhole cameras - Further Information  

Pinhole Kit MK3

Pinholes from the Pinhole Factory

Pinhole Adaptor

Taking a Pinhole Gallery

Stanton Drew Stone Circle - Pinhole Gallery

Pink Footed Goose

Piper Sike Turret and Leahill Turret, nr Wall Bowers, Cumbria    

Pistyll Rhaeadr, Llanrhaeadr-ym-Mochnant, Powys   (Montgomeryshire)

Pitstone Windmill nr Pitstone, Bucks

Pladda Lighthouse, Isle of Arran, Buteshire

Planning - Photographers diary

Planning a Waterfall Trip

Project  - A Budget Trip to Photograph Niagara Falls (USA)

Project - Must See Places  

Plantasia and Maze World, Warwickshire


Where to Photograph Plants General Alpha List

Where to Photograph Plants General County List

The Law and UK Wild Plants

Where to photograph wild plants in UK 


Where to Photograph Bluebells

Where to photograph Bluebells, how to photograph them and even some of the mythology surrounding them.


Where to Photograph Daffodils


Where to Photograph Snowdrops

See also Gardens

Plas Newydd, Llanfairpwll, Anglesey  

Plenoptic Camera or Lightfield Camera 

Plymouth Breakwater Lighthouse, Cornwall

Pocklington Canal, Yorkshire 

Pocklingtons Mill, Heckington, Lincolnshire

Point of Ayr Lighthouse, Prestatyn, Flintshire

Point of Ayre - The Winkie Light, Point of Ayre, Isle of Man  

Point of Ayre Lighthouse, Isle of Man  

Point Lynas Lighthouse, Llaneilian, Anglesey

Polarizer's -  the most commonly used of all special filters beyond the protection filters.

Poltross Burn - Milecastle 48Gilsland, Cumbria

Pontcysyllte Aqueduct, Denbighshire 

Pontcysyllte Aqueduct Gallery

Poppy Line (Railway), Norfolk  

Pop-up shade - Delkin professional  


Portal on Photographers Resource

Ghana Portal

Port Charlotte Lighthouse, Argyllshire

Port Ellen Lighthouse, Argyllshire

Port Erin Lighthouse, Isle of Man  


Portishead Point Lighthouse, Somerset

Portland Bill Lighthouse, Isle of Portland, Dorset


A Quick Look at the Direction of Lighting in Portraits  Introductory look at the direction a single light comes, and building from this start point.


List of Postcard printers


Setting and using PRE   The PRE setting within white balance allows us to get the most accurate colours - we look at how to use it.

See also white balance, colour management


Preparing for a photographic trip to a stone circle, looks at what information you can find out before you go, links to a range of useful resources and other items that you can do in advance, as well as at what to take with you.

Preshute white horse  nr Marlborough, Wiltshire

Preston Lighthouse, Lancashire 

Price comparisons, photographic -> see under lenses or make

Prices -> see rates

Pricing of Products or Services

Priestholm Island, Penmon, Anglesey

Prinknash Bird and Deer Park, Gloucestershire


Taking a Look at Printers for the Photographer

Economy/Small Printers

Print On Demand Desktops

Event Printers

Printing on a Budget

Printer Profiling

Ink in Printers

No Cost Low Cost Media

List of Postcard printers

Printing Calendars


ISBN numbers - the numbers and barcodes you see on books for sale.

See also - Photo Books


Where to Get Old Prints From  

How to Photograph Old Prints

Print Sizes (Historical) 

Professional photography


An Income from Photography Introduction to a range of photography areas that can produce an income.


Limited Edition

Fine art photography 


Getting Photos in Magazines,  How to get your work published profitably. Over 8,000 magazines all looking for articles and photographs in the UK alone.

Creating illustrated articles, the advantage of providing text as well as photos or working with others that do. 

see also rights and copyright



Picture Libraries

Stock Photography and Micro Stock the licensing of rights to the reproduction of your photos for specific uses for a fee.


Training in topic area



Screen Profiling

Printer Profiling

Profiling Equipment

Colour Management

See also - Colour Management


3D - Making 3D Anagraph or Anachrome Glasses

3D - Taking a 3D Still Life

3D - Taking a 3D Garden Shot 

3D - 2 Camera Portraits with Flash

A Project For This Year

Area Project - Lincolnshire

Calendar Further Information

Depth of Field Magic  (Project)

Experimental photography

Home made diffuser project  

Home made reflector project   

Macro Background System

Photographing Snails

Photography in your home area

Pinhole Kit MK3

Planning a Waterfall Trip

Possible Year Projects

Pringle tube pinhole camera 

Producing Calendars

Producing Calendars at Home

Project  - A Budget Trip to Photograph Niagara Falls (USA)

Project - Composing Photographs

Developing the Eye - The Use of Mirrors

Framing Up the Image - The Use of Framing Tools

Calculating Cut-Outs (extra information)

Guidelines On Viewing Guide (extra information)

Expanding the Techniques - Combining mirrors and cut-outs

Project - Must See Places  

Protective filters - filters on lenses to keep the lenses clean. Checking the suitability of your lens of using a UV or Sky filter, plus a general look at the effects of using filters.

Prysaddfed Burial Chamber, Prysaddfed, Anglesey

Public Transport

Air links


FREE Bus Passes for Over 60's and eligible disabled persons

Bus Pass Authorities

Coach Companies offering Days Out and Holidays 

Coach links


Rail links

Rail Travel - Cutting the Cost  a method to reduce train travel costs

Ways to Cut the Cost of Rail Travel


How to photograph puffins

List of places in the UK where you can see Puffins

Puffin Island, Penmon, Anglesey

Pulfrich Effect (3D)  




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